The Precision 10

The Precision 10 are principles that we strive for in every project execution. We apply these core standards to ensure we deliver Service You Can Count On.

Attention to Detail

Precision is in our name, and we take it very seriously. As John Wooden said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” We make big things happen by cleaning the shelves, using perfect spacing, and facing out the product.

Organization and Cleanliness

We strive to be mindful in our planning and execution of merchandising projects. We value organization from the initial planning and scheduling, to shipping and logistics, to an organized workspace during implementation. Our merchandisers clean shelves and fixtures to keep your stores looking fresh and maintained.

Fast and Open Communication

Precision Sets knows that time equals money, and we don’t want to waste a second. Our teams report any potential issues immediately so we can work with you to get them resolved. We have an established system to communicate errors on the plan-o-gram, missing or damaged signage, damaged fixtures, or incorrect product numbers so we can quickly organize and send a report. The system works both ways so we can effectively communicate changes or solutions to our teams in the field.

Experienced Teams

There’s no substitute for experience. At Precision Sets, Inc., we place a huge value on training and retaining skilled workers. All of our Merchandisers go through a rigorous training period when we pair the new merchandiser with an experienced mentor to train them in the trade, and in our company values. We take pride in our people which allows us to expand mindfully by promoting from within.

Efficiency of Labor

At Precision Sets, Inc., we endeavor to bring you the best results with the least amount of disruption to your store. We believe that a few talented and experienced merchandisers can do the job better than several unskilled laborers.  Consequently, our teams are made up of a few highly skilled individuals who can take ownership of the project without taking over your store.


Our planning and organization keeps us on schedule, but also allows us to be flexible. Plans change, deadlines move, and shipments get delayed, but we have the experience and agile infrastructure to roll with last-minute changes.


Quality execution means delivering a service that meets or exceeds your expectations. We are committed to understanding the needs of your business and creating a solution to meet those needs.


Through organization, experience and communication, we aim to deliver consistent performance. From the very beginning, you know what to expect from Precision Sets, Inc. You can expect the best from us every time. That’s why our motto is: “Service You Can Count On.”


There is no exception to safety. All our merchandisers are trained on OSHA standards and taught to work safely. Our work spaces are safe for ourselves and your customers. We are conscious about leaving enough space for customers to shop comfortably, and keeping the floors obstacle-free. Even beyond our work spaces, if we see litter on the floor, or a spill, we will take care of it, or alert someone who can.


We don’t like shortcuts at Precision Sets, Inc. We do our utmost to do the best possible work on any of our projects. If we fall short in any way, you can count on us to make it right.