New Item Cut-ins

Full category resets are ideal for a full-scale cleaning and refresh of the category, but when new product launches or recalls happen between category updates, a cut-in keeps your stores up to date. Precision Sets, Inc. knows how to cut-in items and Point of Purchase signage (POP) to keep your sets fresh between updates.

Cut-ins are more complicated than they might look on paper. In most cases, fixtures such as pushers will need to be moved to accommodate the new items. We can ease in your new items, making room across the shelf to ensure uniform spacing. Our teams make sure the tags are placed and spaced correctly to fit the new layout.

Want to create buzz before your new items arrive in stores? We can install “Coming Soon” POP in the size of the product packaging, to make sure the items are ready to be placed immediately in all your stores as soon as the product arrives.